Wednesday, June 27, 2007

another final one

Turns out that the Peace Corps Washington decision to deny my extension was reversed.

Changes my plans again.

Maybe something else will happen, but as it stands now I’ll decide depending on response to my job applications. Peace Corps understands my indecision and is giving me some flexibility.

May stay with PC and may not. Should decide within the next few weeks.

Hope everyone is healthy and smiling.

I am.

Love to all.



Ashley said...

I am so happy to be reading all of this (your mom tipped me off)--I can't wait to read the rest of it. What's the best way to send you a letter--real mail or email? I have gotten little snippets here and there from the family about what you're doing in Africa but I didn't truly realize the big picture until reading a few of your entries. I am so proud of you, really!

your cousin Ashley

Carl Hudson said...

Niko, your friends at Sehwe Village Percussion are thinking of you and are very interested in how you are doing. We look forward to hearing what you decide.