Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is world AIDS day 2006 in Pemba, where I live. Lots of folks and the area member of parliament came.

This is taken from where we stayed in Vilankulos, an old charming town that felt a bit sketchy. I felt as if people were casing us constantly. They might have been. Probably due to the numerous tourists coming there.

This is morning in Tofo, on the coast of Mozambique. it was incredibly hot and beautiful. The ocean was warm and the sun was scorching. i think this picture should be around 5:30 in the morning.

This is another angle at the same time and place in Tofo. It was rough to wake up to this every morning. I usually took a dip to wake up, which was sometimes not that intelligent, but was fun as I got hammered by waves.

This is some huge prawns we got in Maputo. delicious meal. Had to take a photo for memories.

This is an island off the coast of Vilankulos. Too beautiful. I had a cold but remained conscious enough to marvel at the beauty.

This is the same island as above and the boat we came in on.

This is my family in Pemba, Zambia. Top left is Mutinta, to her right Beno, to his right the old man, to his right chiwana or garfield, me, khola to my right, and mpendcili standing to the right of khola.

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ewilli said...

Niko, you look perfectly at home with your family. Glad you are getting a lot of home-grown veggies! We miss your coming into the library, but your experience is so much more vital and deeper than ours at the moment that we are very glad for you!

Ted Willi