Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This is Mr Milambo, my good friend and Nchimunya, a boy that I work with. They are near a beehive that we keep as part of the project we work with. Mr Milambo is a agriculture extension officer and also does other random things that keep him extraordinarily busy

This is a photo of me with some of the kids that I work with. They want to use this for a website or something.

Anyway, it is one of the few existing photos of me available here.

That boy Nchimunya likes to flip whenver the mood strikes him. I caught him in the middle which was no small feat (for either of us).

There is a cute miniature gecko that I wanted to take a photo of with a pen demonstrating how small the animal is.

This is the backyard of my friend frank where I spent some days resting. It is about 500 km from where I live and work.

This is the old man that is my nearest neighbor. His name is Cleon Benos and his father was greek. He is very funny and kind and we get along great.

This is mpedcili, which means I am still here. She is a daughter to the late siblings of the wife to the old man above. They are keeping here and making sure she grows up with at least some opportunities. She is about 16 years.

This is a young boy to the old man. He is known as Beno. He is about 19 years. He lives in the country capital and is studying computers. He is good to hang with when he is visiting his parents and not at school.

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