Monday, September 04, 2006

This is the head mistress of Keemba Basic School with her grandaughter Royce (red hat) and daughter Joy (left)

This is when some incoming trainees for the HIV/AIDS program came to my site to visit before starting their training. This is a number of boys and men that stay in the compound including the headman (seated on a lazy chair).

This is a cookins shelter at my site in Pemba where the women wanted me to take a photo of them eating.

This is the entrance to the garden at the main project site in Pemba. The dapper young fellow is Chimunya and he is incredibly knowledgable, skilled, hardworking, and not camera shy.

This is Bonanza and Hakainda in Keemba. Bonanza was pictured before. Hakainda is the oldest boy staying at the Keemba compound and is incredibly strong, hardworking, knowledgable, and kind.

This is a photo taken at the project site in Pemba when some district officers came for a site visit.

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-charley said...


During the mass purge, found your blog. Good to see you're still out there being yourself.

Much love,