Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This is marjorie (majo). She has moved to live with here mother in Kalomo (south of where I live) so I will probably rarely see her any more. I made her smile which was an accomplishment. She also was staying at the compound where I stay.

This is Hamagaye (or raoul). i took this photo as a public health example.

He has been spraying cotton with extremely toxic chemicals with a sprayer that leaks onto your back (I have used it) and without shoes or protective clothing. This is an issue, but other things such as malaria, TB, and HIV are more likely to be significant cause of morbidity to him.

This is Mr. Wellington or Weka. He is staying at my compound but is moving to Luapula province very soon to stay with his uncle. The headmistress where I stay is his aunt. He lost both parents to HIV and is being helped by extended family. Judging from the roughly 20% of children at schools here being either single or double orphans, I'd say his story is not a rarity.

This is my yard in late January. Grass is still growing and growing and growing...

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