Friday, October 14, 2005

more pictures

This is ba-phiri. he is my ministry of health counterpart and rocks! He is always smiling and loves to joke. we have a lot of fun together.

This is my good friend Ba-Clay. He is close to my age and we chat often.

This is my house. self-explanatory I think.

This is ba-lumba. She is finishing certification to be a teacher of history and Tonga language. She also stays at the compound when she is not in school.

this is hamagaye. he is the same age as Ba- Bonanza, but he is one year ahead at school. They are both helping me learn Chi-Tonga.

this is ba-bonanza. he lives in the same compound and is a son of the headman. He is 19 years old and we hang out when he is not in school. He is currently in 11th year.

This is mrs. Chilumbii and Joy. Mrs. chilumbii is one wife of the headman and joy I believe is her daughter. Mrs. Chilumbii is the headmistress of the basic school and I believe I have explained what she does previously.

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